1. What is ForexSignalz.com?
ForexSignalz.com is a Forex signal service that provides traders with indications as to when it is a good time to buy or sell currency pairs on the foreign exchange market.
2. How often are the signals generated?
Signals will be sent whenever there is a profit opportunity identified by ForexSignalz.com analysts.
3. How many signals do you provide?
On average, we provide about 2 signals each week, although this can vary according to market conditions. We wait for the market to provide good opportunities, and are careful not to start gambling when the market enters a quiet period.
4. What is your performance in pips? How many pips do your signals make?
A It is meaningless to measure performance in terms of pips, as the amount risked varies from trade to trade and from currency pair to currency pair. Trading a range of currency pairs and risking the same fixed amount of pips on every trade is very foolish as you would be risking perhaps twice as much on a NZD/USD trade as you would on a GBP/USD trade. Our signals are risk-adjusted and we risk the same real amount per trade, adjusted to the stop loss.
5. How to read our SMS signals?
See How To Read Our Signals? for more detailed info.
6. I registered with ForexSignalz.com, but I have not received a welcome message yet on my cellular/mobile telephone!
There are two possible reasons why this might happen.

  • Firstly, we might have sent you an SMS message that could not be delivered for a technical reason. However, we monitor the delivery of our SMS messages to you, so we would probably be alerted to the problem and would send you an explanation by e-mail right away.
  • The second reason could be that you input your cellular/mobile telephone number incorrectly, so our messages are not arriving on your telephone. The number you give us must include your country code. i.e: (Country code – area code – mobile number) e.g: 1-123-4567890.

Whatever the reason, if you have not heard from us, please send us a message by filling in the form on our Contact Us page letting us know about the problem.

7. Am I able to cancel my subscription at any time?
Yes, you can simply cancel your next recurring PayPal payment to us before it is made, at any time.
8. What happens when I purchase ForexSignalz.com?
After you complete your registration and submit your payment details you will receive a confirmation email, and you will start receiving the signals directly on your mobile once the mail is confirmed.
9. Which currencies do you provide signals for?
ForexSignalz.com provides signals for the major currency pairs including EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY and others.
10. What price feed are your signals based upon?
The prices used in our signals are taken from TradingView, which may differ slightly from your particular broker’s prices.
11. Am I able to close a trade if I am making a profit or loss?
While the user can close a trade at any time, it is recommended that they trade at the closing time indicated by the signal. Closing a position early might lead the user to miss out on greater profit opportunities that occur after the position has been closed.